Rostruda not fined the company for workers Popov – Opendatabot

Гоструда не штрафовала компании за работников-ФОПов - Opendatabot

Opendatabot reported that an error occurred during the analysis of the court register and the search of the fines imposed by the State service of labor for companies with employees Foami

“We didn’t notice that in the examples we have provided, treaties were concluded not with physical persons-entrepreneurs and natural persons”, – reported in Opendatabot.

Thus, the information that a number of companies have imposed fines for the use of FOP as employees is not true.

Penalties on such companies was imposed for incorrectly signed contracts with employees (natural persons).

“We checked again and found no court cases in recent years where Gastrula fined the company for contracts with the FOP, with signs of labor contracts. So, to say that Gastrula fines for FOP employees is not entirely correct,” – added to Opendatabot.

Espresso apologizes to readers for spreading false information.