Russia wants to break the Minsk agreements – diplomat called the cause

Россия хочет разорвать минские соглашения, - дипломат назвал причину

The Minsk agreement is not profitable, even Russia. Ukraine cancellation of the agreements due to the illegal elections in ORDO – best in the strategic plan.

This opinion on 24 channel expressed diplomat, expert of the “Maidan of Foreign Affairs” Alexander Jara.

Minsk agreements allow the Kremlin to pretend that Russia “will tmnet”. In Moscow, however, wanted to release his hands, but so did Ukraine, which allegedly failed to perform “Minsk-2”. Russia wants that we ourselves have deprived themselves of the sovereignty, acknowledged the Crimea. It does not work, so the Kremlin is still under sanctions. And if you come from “Minsk-2”, you can put the question about the lifting of sanctions. Resources in Russia are reduced, and Putin wants to leave the Donbass with minimal losses

says Hara.

On the other hand, according to the diplomat, Ukraine also needs to break the shackles of the “Minsk-2”. Ideally, to claim and to receive support from the West, primarily the US, elections in ORDA is the repeal of the “Minsk-2” and the need to strengthen sanctions pressure on Russia.

Ukraine must ensure that at the international level, Russia recognized party to the conflict. And then we can talk about the start of a political process of negotiations regarding the termination of war of Russia against Ukraine de jure. Because de facto war, but we did not recognize her. And to expand the range of issues the annexation of the Crimea and the siege in the sea of Azov. This is a tough question, which for the year will not be solved. Even in war we will be 50 years, but do not recognize the Russian Crimea. This is the only option to not have the distorted impression that there’s some kind of civil war. Or what is the difference between the occupied Sevastopol, Donetsk and Lugansk. There is one cause of the war – Russia,

– said Alexander Jara.

The expert believes that Poroshenko has no answer what to do next. Especially with the appointment of the Tripartite contact group in Minsk, Ruslan Demchenko. Very Pro-Russian politician, compromised by the fact that during the Maidan chased diplomats and distorted the events in Ukraine.

Poroshenko would have to correct the error of diplomacy when we are allowed to combine so-called progress in the implementation of “Minsk-2” with sanctions against Russia. Sanctions have been imposed over the annexation of Crimea, aggression in the Donbas, indirectly for the downed Boeing. And then they were tied to the Minsk agreements. This is wrong. Because their execution does not negate the fact of aggression and occupation of part of Ukraine. We don’t need to violate its own Constitution in the hope that it will not allow to lift the sanctions,

– said the diplomat.