Russian scientists have created a powder that accelerates the purification of air and water

Российские ученые создали порошок, ускоряющий очистку воздуха и воды

Specialists of the Ural Federal University in cooperation with the Ural branch of the RAS has invented a powder which can accelerate the purification of water and air, reports TASS.

“We developed the water-insoluble powder, to be used for air purification, and sewage, turning them into drinking water. Now there is its modification to make it work under the sunlight that does not require any energy,” – said the Director of the Institute of metallurgy, Ural branch of RAS Andrey Rempel.

Titanium dioxide is activated by sun light and pollution decomposes in the environment to carbon dioxide and water. Technology developed by scientists of the Ural, will become a cheap and environmentally friendly.

The material can be used in industrial plants working with organic substances. Whitening properties of titanium dioxide on the basis of which developed the tool, allow its use in the manufacture of paints and varnishes, plastics, paper, cosmetics and food industries.

Previously, scientists have found a way to get drinking water from the air. They created a device that could be a boon for arid regions.