Samsung has started beta testing a Linux environment for smartphones with adapter DeX

Samsung начал бета-тестирование Linux-окружения для смартфонов с адаптером DeX

Company Samsung declared the beginning of the test a full Linux environment that you can use to generate a desktop when you connect your smartphone to a desktop monitor, keyboard, and mouse with an adapter or DeX when using the tablet. The environment is based on Ubuntu and developed jointly with Canonical. Technology DeX supported for devices Galaxy S8/S8+, Note8, S9/S9+, Note9, and Tab S4.

As the main applications of Linux environment deals with the provision of a portable environment for application developers – the developer is able to install on smartphone full development environment available at any time and in any place. While on the road the developer will be able to begin to solve the problem with the mobile device, and then continue by connecting the smartphone to a large monitor. However, the environment can be useful for other categories of users as for the installation of any Linux apps that work in Ubuntu and compiled for ARM64 architecture.

The environment is running in a container running on top of the regular Linux kernel of the Android platform. To download the Linux environment required to register on the Samsung website. Installation is supported only authorized images downloaded through the service Linux on DeX. This does not prevent the ability to install and own assemblies, but their correct operation is not guaranteed.

Proposed for testing the Assembly based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and while adapted for use on devices Note9 Tab and S4. For the Linux environment we recommend that you have 8GB free space in the storage and use of devices with 4GB of RAM. The graphical environment is only functional in the presence of DeX adapter that provides ports USB-C, USB 2.0, Ethernet and HDMI 2.0. Without DeX adapter can work only in console mode (console mode can also be run directly on the smartphone).

It should be noted that for users of Android devices have shipped several similar projects to run the desktop when connected to the mobile monitor by HDMI or by using technologies such as Miracast and WiFi Display: Maru OS, Debian noroot, GNURoot Debian Complete Linux Installer and Linux Deploy.

Samsung начал бета-тестирование Linux-окружения для смартфонов с адаптером DeX

Samsung начал бета-тестирование Linux-окружения для смартфонов с адаптером DeX

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