Scientists: Industrial chemistry reduces male genitalia

Ученые: Промышленная химия уменьшает мужские гениталии

Chemicals can affect not only the size advantages during the formation of the fetus, but not to develop fully the genitals Teens.

Italian scientists have shown a strong correlation between air quality in some regions and the size of the male dignity of people living in these places. Specialists from the Institute of Padova examined the effect of level of harmful substances on testosterone levels and found that industrial chemistry reduces male genitalia, making them thinner and shorter.

The study involved more than 380 volunteers whose average age was 18 years. As researchers found, residents of the regions with less clean air have penises on average by 6.3% thinner and 12.5% shorter in comparison with the male population less contaminated perfluorocarbons places.

As scholars have noted, industrial chemistry affects not only development of genitalia in utero, but boys in their Teens.

Harmful substances have become an integral part of our lives. They are in plastic, food, pharmaceuticals, detergents, cosmetics and so on. The period of decomposition of these chemical compounds is very long and all the time in the atmosphere continue to produce toxic fumes.