Scientists: Music heals a man

Ученые: Музыка исцеляет человека

Japanese researchers studied the effect of music on the human body. It is useful to listen to every day.

Music accompanies us through life, from early childhood. Every day most of us listens to different music, while hardly anyone thinks about what a tremendous impact it has on us: funny and sad, tender and sad, strong and proud. It is a mistake to assume that music is only for entertainment. It has more features: the ability to influence psychological and physical condition, ennobles man, working on his soul, lighten his life, gives vent to emotions and feelings helps you to Express yourself and understand others, unites all the people of our beautiful planet.

Experts their dzhuntendo University (Japan) conducted a study which aimed to study the effects of music on the human body. The basis scientists took pre-existing data, and developed a brand new experiment, which tested subjects.

It is reported that people have offered several musical excerpts in different styles – classic, healing, and Japanese popular music. Each test was fixed sensors that determine heart rate and blood flow, the experiment was conducted and measurements of the temperature. It is known that the study participants were 12 women ranging in age from 20 to 40 years, each of them, for reliability data, three passed the examination.

The results showed that the maximum relaxing effect of classical music. It affects the heart’s rhythm, volume, blood flow, temperature of the body surface. Music has a healing effect on the heart and the temperature of a person. The least relaxing turned out to be pop music, however, and it has a positive effect on the state of the nerves of the listener.