Scientists spoke about the products that enhance the smell of sweat

Ученые рассказали о продуктах, усиливающих запах пота

Experts say that not all deodorants can relieve a person from unpleasant smell of sweat. As reported the experts said that a strong smell of sweat occurs due to regular use of certain products, and in this case, the deodorants just don’t help.

Due to the use of certain products of the sweat glands, people work in 2 times more, removing toxins, causing the smell of sweat is unbearable. The top rated products that enhance the smell of sweat, experts have put the red meat. Just a couple of hours after drinking it the smell of sweat becomes very specific, and it can stay on for 2 weeks. On the second place of the rating was the famous curry, and garlic. These products contain a sulfur-containing gas which exits through the skin and is accompanied by an unpleasant odor, kept for up to three days. In third place was the onion. However, it can be used if pre-scalded with boiling water, then the smell of sweat won’t.

But in fourth place, oddly enough, turned out to be everyone’s favorite coffee beverage. Caffeine activates the sweat glands, because of which a person sweats much more active. The last place ranking was a radish and radishes contain essential oils that trigger the unpleasant smell of sweat.