Screaming for help: the Ukrainian soldier ignored the command

Кричал о помощи: украинского воина игнорировало командование

In one of the social network of the Ukrainian volunteer posted the “anniversary” friendship with the soldier, and suddenly found out about his tragic death.

Facebook wearer Ira Tsybuh posted a photo of a dead comrade and thus informed the public about the tragedy that occurred yesterday in the area of the OOS:

“Today my mother in spirit brother became an angel. And that.. probably always were. I will never forget your warmth and kindness. You’re the man in my life. Thank you for what you are. You will always live in the hearts of those who knew you!”

“Today, posted on FB post 1 year of friendship, I think, now under the post exactly write a lot of amenities for days volunteer. Passes three minutes, your brother says that you are 200 ” – wrote Irina.

The woman accused in the death of Michael, his guide:

“Sit and’ll curse all. Bitches! It’s how much time you have requested leave. My post on October 19th, two weeks before he is legally able to go on vacation, today is the 5th of December leave was not”.

The volunteer says that the deceased have long wanted to go to the deserved vacation, but the consent of the management team never gave:

“Eager, wants to go home. I told the Shaw tired and need to switch! Ahhh”.

The woman remembered the touching of the dead:

“I love your brown eyes, and a simple, sincere smile, always sassparilla-” all is well “. Love you simplicity. Love these true to the truth and struggle, without pathos of these soldiers, like you. Really going to miss you, bro. Now you’re an angel. In my thoughts I embrace you. Thank you. Your Ira *”.

It is known that the deceased Michael Pokidchenko left a little daughter family. As a final word, volunteer on the emotions has also written Ukrainian “dissatisfied with the war:

“PS And for those who are tired of this war, wounded and 200 to Put * Remember, they don’t you suffer and die. Your circles of hell ahead. War you and pain.”