Shop on manufacture of plastic was burning in Balashikha

PHOTO : MIR / Igor Medvedev


In Balashikha there was a fire in shop on manufacture of plastic. Fire engulfed the roof inside the shop on an area of 500 square meters, the press service of the Moscow GU Ministry of emergency situations.

Burned two-storey brick building with metal roof located at the address: Savvinskaya street, the house 12. Message about the fire came to the rescue at 6:50. The fire was assigned the second rank.

Soon, firefighters managed to eliminate open burning in the shop. Threats of distribution of fire on other buildings there. In extinguishing involved more than 40 people and 12 pieces of equipment.

“MIR 24” is reminiscent, October 8 in the village of Markova, Irkutsk region, burned down warehouse. The total area of fire amounted to almost 9 thousand square meters. While in the area about 2 thousand square meters of roof collapsed. In a one-story room was a workshop for the production of building materials and furniture. Affected by the fire there, all 12 people who were in the room, had quickly to leave.