“Simone”: this is only a goodbye

«Les Simone»: ce n’est qu’un au revoir

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When the series was launched in 2016, Kim Lévesque-Lizotte has had to face the critics who said he was to have debunked the statue of Simone de Beauvoir.

In July, after the director Ricardo Trogi was announced at the talk-show, The beautiful Sunday, the third season of Simone would be the last, the head writer and co-producer of the series, Louis Morissette, has corrected this in an interview with the QMI Agency. To the surprise of Kim Lévesque-Lizotte, who had given birth five weeks ago, his partner of writing posited that there would be a plan B for The Simone.

“The end of the series was announced earlier than expected ; it was a way to create the queue, to give a small glimmer of hope. It turned out well since I was wondering if I wanted to continue with The Simone , “says the author.

In a way, this announcement is premature would allow fans of the series to better prepare themselves to say goodbye to Maxim (Anne-Élisabeth Bossé), promoted to director of communications for a political party, Laurence (Susan Gratton), who continues his ascent in the media, Nikki (Marie-Ève Perron), who seduced critics with his paintings, and Elizabeth (Karine Gonthier-Hyndman), who has opened a cafe.

“Season 3 is my favorite ! I’m truly appropriate for. It is for this reason that I said to myself that he had to continue in another form. We make jokes at the house : “You’re going to do a podcast ? No, a webseries !” “A novel, then ? After all, there are three novels based on the series Yamaska. “A novel ? What would be the fun… there is The galley which has become a piece of theatre. “A movie, like the series Sex in New York ? “We don’t know ! “

While she wondered if she had a desire to start writing another series, Kim Lévesque-Lizotte noted that she would like to exploit the maternity. That said, not to mention nausea or sleepless nights. “Like what are the characters of my age that are evolving, it is difficult to say that the loop is closed, it is as if I claimed to have found the answer to everything. There are things which I did not want to talk about before, such as maternity, because I didn’t want to fall into the cliché of the girl 30-year-old who wonders if she will have or not have children. There is Elizabeth, who has three children, but the people of insight have realized that this was unrealistic : it don’t maintain it and she has a perfect body ! Before, I thought that I understood how a woman felt in becoming a mother. Now, I know what it is like to wonder if she is a good mother, a good girlfriend, a good friend, if you have a good career. “

Not key to Simone !

When the series was launched in 2016, Kim Lévesque-Lizotte, avid reader, film fan, smart and téléphage in the series heretofore known as a comedian, has had to face the critics who said he was to have debunked the statue of Simone de Beauvoir while she repeatedly said that the great figure of the feminism had been a lover codépendante.

“I don’t have much liked the launch of the series because there were excessive expectations of the fact that there were expectations ideological. I received a lot of comments of the environment, intellectual of my age. I realized that Simone de Beauvoir was an untouchable, that she belonged to the elite, to those who had studied in letters, ” recalls the graduate of the national School of humor in 2009.

Like its own reaction to the series Girls, Lena Dunham, the writer has understood that the thirty-somethings do not recognize in the portrait she did of them. “I have been criticized for having done the portrait of a generation of pathetic, that sabotages. I did not want to show an ideal. The Simoneis a woman with its various facets, a bit like Nelly, Anne Émond. I wanted to talk about the distress, to show what happens when you close the door, when we doubt, when we slow down self-development, of the shame that it drags when one is in an unhealthy relationship. It is looking at herself in the mirror that we finally change. “

Thank You Janette !

Having begun to enjoy the pleasure of writing in the second season, Kim Lévesque-Lizotte hopes that the audience will have understood that she wanted to convey the idea of choose yourself. She regretted that it was believed that The Simone was a young women in search of prince charming when she wanted to illustrate how to run a relationship. “In this last season, Louis has taken his distances and I made it fun by telling stories of love. I am a big romantic ! Love, it is precious ! “

“In 20 years, I’ve read it So be it, Benoîte Groult ; it is she who brought me to the Second sex by Simone de Beauvoir, it is through it that I understood the condition of women. But I think deeply that if I write the tv today, it is because of five to ten years I watched in secret love with a big a, Janette Bertrand. There I discovered the adult world with its stories about battered women, rape, anorexia, aids… This series has me so inspired that I have an old fantasy of writing episodes closed, to explore themes. “

A series of anthology ? This is a track that would be interesting to explore for the possible return of Simone… and their lovers.

The Simone — season 3

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