Smalyuk: Bagel and the Rays only give interviews and flying back business class

Смалийчук: Баранка и Лучи только дают интервью и летают туда-сюда бизнес-классом

Today was held the General meeting of participants of the Ukrainian Premier League. The main issue on the agenda – possible expansion of the Ukrainian “elite.” However, it was never discussed, because there was no quorum. At the meeting attended by representatives of only 6 clubs – Dynamo, Zorya, Karpaty, “Marseille”, “Arsenal” and “Gums”.

The absence of a quorum at a meeting of the Premier League has its explanation. According to our information, clubs that have not arrived thus expressed a kind of protest, because even before knew what the meeting will talk about the format and its changes, and try to initiate the resignation of Francesco Bagels, head of the Committee of ethics and fair play, what, in fact, in the emotional form was expressed by the President of Olympique de Marseille Vladyslav helzin. But the Lviv “Karpaty” were willing to vote for the so-called package, although the legal force such a vote would not have.

Vice-President of “Carpathians” Oleg Smalyuk:

– If we are talking about voting, we would like to vote for the package. That is, Italians – into one package, and to raise the question about trust or distrust him. To date, I personally see only good interview and the fact that the guys flying back business class. It’s the only thing I’ve noticed in their work.

Vs Rays – definitely. Against Bagels – will listen to the arguments of their colleagues.