“Smart” toilet paper from Xiaomi for $6,66 will not appear in Russia

«Умная» туалетная бумага от Xiaomi за $6,66 не появится в России

The Russians will not be able to see on the shelves of goods from Chinese appliance manufacturer.

Xiaomi impresses the buyer with the scope of their “smart” devices. In addition to the smartphones the company produces watches, high-tech toilet seats, and even toilet paper. However, an unexpected purchase of a “smart” product from the Chinese manufacturer will not for everyone. In several countries, including Russia, the product simply will not appear on the shelves.

The Chinese manufacturer’s equipment tried to approach the process of creating toilet paper with the highest demands. The product is made from antibacterial and eco-friendly fiber. However, the cost of a four-layer roll of toilet paper will match the name of the brand. “Smart” product from Xiaomi will have to pay $6,66, which is approximately equal to 450 Russian rubles.

The item had become the object of jokes among the Network users. Many are waiting, when will the new version of toilet paper that will have Bluetooth and a number of other technological functions required in the modern world.