Soledad Barrio: “round” the circle of desire

Soledad Barrio: de «La ronde» au cercle du désir

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The star Soledad Barrio

“The difficulty [the tricky thing], what you are looking to work for a long time, says Martin Santangelo, artistic director and dancer of the troupe, Noche Flamenca, is to find out how to use the flamenco and its language to talk about the different realities of the human condition. I try to dive more deeply in the flamenco to speak of the sadness, of grief, of loneliness. “For Circle of Desire, it is continuing its study on the duos that famous company, co-founded by Mr. Santangelo and by a star, Soledad Barrio, defies the flamenco.

Circle of Desire ? Circles of desire as the other circles of hell ? The inspiration, as for the previous round, spent here in 2016, comes from the theatre play of the same name by Arthur Schnitzler, which caused a scandal at its release in 1903, and of the cult movie that it was inspired in 1950 to the director of viennese Max Ophüls (1902-1957), with a distribution in the crude gold (Gerard Philippe, Simone Signoret, Danielle Darrieux, Serge Reggiani, Jean-Louis Barrault, to name a few).

“In the room like in the movie, there is this cry, this scream, this cry that causes the possibility as the inability of the human relationship,” says Martin Santangelo in investigating these two works for him very significant. It follows in black and white in the widescreen version a couple after the other, before and after the sexual act, without ever seeing the act.

A prostitute with a soldier, which then meets a good, which after passing by a son of good family, and so on, and the tree is in its leaves… “What is fascinating in this structure,” says Santangelo, is that everything is always happening between only two people, but that every new encounter, each character reveals a new face. There is a game of intimacy and revelation. I “stole” this structure. And the idea of working the duos. “

An idea that is not trivial. Because this work of the duo pushes the flamenco in its nooks and crannies. His study, which started in The round, continues in Circle of Desire, which is an extended version and rewritten it, somehow. The duos are not the only dancers, but sometimes play also between the musicians. “Everything, in flamenco, is so, so based on the solo,” says Mr. Santangelo. Do a duet, and suddenly loses the relationship of the dancer to his ego, otherwise so important. “

An experience that the dancer Soledad Barrio has loved it, ” she says in Spanish, because different, in fact, very different, and because then, it is not just me talking to myself. The duo force to communicate. “

If the company, now based in New York, is known as one of the most authentic in terms of its relationship to flamenco, a dancer does not, however, this definition. “I dance flamenco, this is how I was trained, it is this dance that my trained,” said Ms. Barrio, translated into English by his colleague. If I was looking to keep this notion of authenticity, I would. What I’m looking for more, it is an expression of humanity, of domestic conflicts specific to the human. “

The important thing for Soledad Barrio, as a dancer, it is to be in contact with the present moment. “I take classes of ballet and tap dancing, I watch a lot of films important in film history, I’m going to see live performances : I expose myself as much as I can to other forms of art. And I try to incorporate what I perceive as possible, even flamenco. “

Circle of Desire

Soledad Barrio and Noche Flamenca at the Festival Nuits d’afrique At the Gesù, from 1 to 3 February


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