Space mission: China launched a spacecraft on dark side of the moon

PHOTO credit : NASA / Author not known


China launched the spacecraft “Chang’e-4” for the research side of the moon, reports news portal .

The launch with the help of the carrier rocket “Changzheng-3B” carried out from the Xichang launch site, which is located in South-Western Sichuan province. According to the Chinese national space administration, the launch was successful.

To land an improved (lighter) model “Chang’e-4” on the moon should at the beginning of 2019, reports TASS. The spacecraft consists of a stationary lunar station and Rover and will be used to measure radiation and explore.

It is reported that the connection of the apparatus with the Earth will maintain the satellite repeater “, Zhuazao”. Launched in may this year and it reached the Lagrange point on the opposite side of the moon. The device became the first artificial object functioning on this halo orbit. In the case of the success of the mission, China will become the first country, which will be able to perform this task.

The Chinese lunar program consists of three main stages: a fly-around of the satellite (this task was assigned to the “Chang’e-1 and Chang’e-2”), landing devices (3 and 4) and return to Earth (“Chang’e-5 and Chang’e-6”).

Earlier it was reported that Russia intends to deploy a full-scale moon base between 2036 and 2040 to deliver large goods and saturate the lunar polygons a variety of scientific experiments.