Spain: indignation after a restore failed

Espagne: indignation après une restauration ratée

Photo: Associated Press
The sculpture, which is located at a church in Navarre, has been repainted recently by a local craftsman.

The curators of a museum in Spain are outraged by a new restoration of a work of art history considered sloppy.

The most recent restoration effort, to have been disapproved of by the Spanish Association of conservators-restorers touch a wooden sculpture of a knight, dating back to the Sixteenth century.

The sculpture, which is the church of San Miguel of Estella, in the province of Navarre, has been repainted recently by a local craftsman, who opted for gaudy colors, instead of being properly cleaned by a professional conservator.

The president of the Association of conservator-restorers, Fernando Carrera, said on Wednesday that the sculpture ” has been transformed into a toy.”

The association website lists other ” mistakes, well-intentioned “, including a restoration of fresco, in 2012, became viral for transforming a representation centenary of Christ in an image resembling a monkey.