Speech to the electors of Rousseau

In the riding of Rousseau in the Lanaudière region, the shortage of labour is of concern to the workers and the entrepreneurs. But this is not this issue that will influence the vote during the October election, tell the voters.

Michel Laplante, a mechanic in Saint-Alexis :

“[What concerns me, they are] the waves of immigrants. I gauze a little bit, as they say. I have no problems with those who are to be integrated. […] But I find them intrusive.

[The politicians won’t be able to] nothing. Strictly nothing. It is a movement too big, which exceeds. Them take care of their friends anyway. “

Yannick Daudelin, an employee of the food sector in Saint-Lin–Laurentides :

La parole aux électeurs de Rousseau

Photo: Guillaume Levasseur Duty
Yannick Daudelin

“People will probably go and vote more this time, because they want change. […] I feel that there is a lot of cynicism. There is a wide gap that fits between the politicians and people in general. It is sure that there is a ras-le-bol that is out there. […] Personally, I don’t know who to vote for. It seems that the platforms of election are made to the card, to please the world. I feel pretty much the same thing of people around me : no one feels challenged by anyone. I’m more of a social-democrat. “

Sylvain Lafortune, owner of a snack-bar in Saint-Alexis :

La parole aux électeurs de Rousseau

Photo: Guillaume Levasseur Duty
Sylvain Lafortune

“There is a great need of employees right now. […] I think that [immigrants] don’t make it up here. There is no person who comes to his CV. We look it up on the Internet. It should almost go get them by hand. I would be willing to engage, that is for sure. [The elect] might do something, by giving them visas to work more quickly. But currently, they don’t do much of anything. “

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La parole aux électeurs de Rousseau

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La parole aux électeurs de Rousseau

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La parole aux électeurs de Rousseau

Speech to the electors of Rousseau

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