Sportsdirect: four-legged Balboa and the consequences of meeting with Messi

PHOTO : TASS/imago/Pro Shots

FizKult-Privet. The correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Alexander Brieuc is an overview of the most interesting news from the world of sport.

Three dogs had replaced Babaev tennis tournament in London. But athletes apparently played sloppy with the ball. Well, a very nice experiment.

Four-legged assistants name is Hattie, Tina and Melvin. They are specially trained dogs for the disabled. All this action was invented in order to show the world their capabilities. At home, they are able to quickly bring a host of essential items of drugs or handle. But with this challenge.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban prey on little Messi. Murtaza Ahmadi is famous in the world, when he met legendary football player, and now the militants do not give rest to the seven-year-old boy.

Two years ago, Murtaza played ball in the yard, dressed in a plastic bag. It was a pen drawn game number 10 and the name Messi. When the Argentinian found out about this story, gave the poor child two of their t-shirts signed. But it was not a happy ending. In November, the hometown of the Afghan boy was attacked, the family fled to Kabul, and expensive gifts were left at home. In addition, the parents of Murtaza fear that it can steal and demand a huge ransom, because he was a celebrity. Neighbors have long looked askance, and the last two years the boy did not go to school.

Russian Vladislav Ivanov became the fifth in the world Cup for downhill riding skating Championships.

Winter competitions are held in summer conditions: under my feet the ice is melting, the temperature was +20. Japan is now the hottest December for the last 14 years. This became a huge problem for the organizers. Working around the clock to support the road, but covering is still on the skinny four inches.

The Junior tournament will continue in February, he will be held in Finland and the USA. There the weather should be more appropriate.