Stoffel Vandorn Remains to rely on the weather

Стоффель Вандорн: Остается рассчитывать только на погоду

In Brazil both drivers McLaren were eliminated in the first part of qualifying. Fernando Alonso has shown for the eighteenth time, Stoffel Vandorn – twenties.

Fernando Alonso (18th): “the Fastest lap was my pleasure, on fresh tyres and with a small amount of fuel, the car behaved very well, but to exit in the second session, the speed was not enough. Earlier in the course of the weekend we saw that the pace enough, so that the result is not surprising.

Nothing can be done, will try to race to work better and earn points for the team. However, for this we need the rain or the numerous incidents, as the speed for the fight we have. We start from the last rows, in such a situation, you can choose more risky tactics”.

Stoffel Vandorn (20th): “the Weekend is not the best way. On Saturday practice, it became apparent that speed is not enough – unfortunately, the qualification is confirmed, though we did not have the possibility to use the changeable weather.

Will see what happens on Sunday. Nothing to lose, and I hope that weather conditions will allow to take a risk – for us this is the only chance to regain the position, as from the beginning of the weekend we are not quite competitive. In Mexico we are better rivals cope with the degradation of rubber, but this is not happening – is to rely on the weather.”

Gil de Ferran, sporting Director: “we are Certainly saddened by the results of the qualification. Riders generally satisfied with the balance, but speed did not have much of. During the session had to take into account the high probability of rain today, the forecast did not materialize, but on Sunday changeable weather can affect the progress of the race.

Despite such a bad performance, we will make every effort to win. The task is to confidently hold the race, selecting the best strategy and by acting quickly in the pit stops. I hope we get to use our race pace in most of the races were quite competitive.”