Suspected cheating: Ukraine issued by the owner of the most expensive villas Germany

Подозрение в мошенничестве: Украине выдали хозяина самой дорогой виллы ФРГ

Switzerland has given Ukraine ex-aprobaron Nicholas Hutu suspected of fraud. In Germany he was an elite estate. The former head of the agricultural holding “Mriya” faces up to 12 years in prison.

Mykola Guta – once a successful businessman, representing the Ukrainian agricultural sector, returns from Switzerland to Ukraine as a defendant in one of the loudest criminal cases of fraud. The national anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) Gutu accused of embezzling nearly 800 million hryvnia headed by agricultural holding “Mriya”. We are talking about the money of international investors, attracted by the holding company under business development in 2011-2013.

Almost four years Guth absconded in the family mansion in the Swiss Canton of Obwalden. On 5 November he was extradited to the law enforcement bodies of Ukraine. It became possible after in September, the Federal administrative court rejected the complaint Guta denial of asylum in Switzerland, issued by the competent authorities of the country. Huta claimed that the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities pursue it for political reasons.

Almost voluntary return

Earlier, in April 2016, the Federal criminal court gave permission for extradition of Nikolai Guta. However, the results of the Ukrainian justice was deferred until a decision on asylum. Following the refusal of asylum from the Guta was the last chance to stay in Switzerland or at least for a few months to postpone the extradition: the complaint in Federal court. But he didn’t. “Mykola Guta October 15, filed a complaint in Federal court. However, on 19 October, he withdrew it,” – said in response to a request DW Federal office of justice in Switzerland.

Now Mykola Guta will appear before the Ukrainian court. As reported by DW in NABOO, Nikolay Guta at home threatens from 5 till 12 years of prison with confiscation of property.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in offshore

According to lenders, Guta illegally brought holding even more money than appears in the materials of the criminal case. As stated in an interview with DW financial officer, “Mriya” Ton Huls, the former head of the holding brought through a specially created offshore companies at least 200 million dollars. In particular, a portion of the money raised by the holding company on the stock exchange in Frankfurt am main.

Only court documents available to the DW, we are talking about more than two hundred firms, including in Cyprus and the British virgin Islands, through which illegally derived funds of the holding.

Money Guta in Germany

A portion of funds withdrawn of “Mriya” is apparently in Germany. The investigation showed DW, in the period, which accounts for the alleged Mykola Huta theft of investors ‘ money, aprobaron built luxury Villa in the Bavarian Spa town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Construction financing, as evidenced by the available DW documents, organized by Andrei Buryak – at that time CFO of the holding company. His signature under several credit agreements between the offshore firm Mykola Guta and Cypriot firm, which was decorated Villa.

Shortly after the publication of investigative journalism DW court in Cyprus at the suit of creditors “Mriya” made a decision to ban the sale of the Villa in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Thus, at the last moment was thwarted the sale of the Ukrainian retail magnate Viktor Karachun. As found by DW, co-owner of Ukraine’s largest supermarket chain “ATB” agreed with Guth about buying houses for 8.6 million euros. Discount for more than 4 million euros, obviously, was a result of the disclosure of the fact that the owner is accused of fraud.

Подозрение в мошенничестве: Украине выдали хозяина самой дорогой виллы ФРГ

Подозрение в мошенничестве: Украине выдали хозяина самой дорогой виллы ФРГ