“Syndrome Pugacheva”: Lolita abandoned children to have a young husband.

«Синдром Пугачевой»: Лолита отказалась от детей, чтобы завести молодого мужа - соцсети

Palladium has already expressed dissatisfaction with 43-year-old husband, a fitness coach Dmitry Ivanov, lamenting the fact that he’s “too old.”

Lolita is not often talks in interviews about his personal life. As explained by the singer herself, is that she she is in the first place. However, from time to time, the star addresses this topic, giving fans another piece of information about himself and his family, and with it new rumors about the future and present of the artist. In this, as in so much else, it, as noticed by fans, similar to Alla Borisovna Pugacheva.

So, Lolita admitted that she refused to birth children from her husband Dmitry Ivanov. The fitness coach, who won the heart of the Palladium in the early 2010s, immediately began to insist on the appearance of the child, but the singer flatly refused, saying that she, and her chosen partner already has children. In an interview with reporters, the actress said that the youth understood that the career she will have in the first place, and the children and family will always be secondary.

Now at 54 years old Lolita does not want to relive all the difficulties with raising and caring for a small child. Said so myself a celebrity, but her fans think otherwise. In the fan environment are sure that IBA just doesn’t want to be tied to Ivanov, and abandoned children that on occasion no problem to have a young husband. Thus, many remembered that not so long ago in an interview with Lolita admitted that he believes 43-year-old wife are “too old”. The actress said that he is not averse to start a relationship with a young man. In the context it sounded like a joke, but the fans decided that it was not said without a real reason.

In the network believe that the IBA is developing so-called “syndrome of Pugacheva”. The singer tends to surround himself with young people to postpone their old age. The same applies to her life partner. Fitness coach Dmitry Ivanov, despite his physical shape and care for themselves, is really too Mature for that, fans. In this regard, it is likely, Lolita has long been looking for him a young replacement.

Earlier, we wrote that fans suspected her in the quest to make a hip-hop artist LJ your Maxim Galkin. The artist has long sought collaboration with the popular artist, despite the fact that their target audience is very different.

«Синдром Пугачевой»: Лолита отказалась от детей, чтобы завести молодого мужа - соцсети

«Синдром Пугачевой»: Лолита отказалась от детей, чтобы завести молодого мужа - соцсети