Tesla focuses on its withdrawal of the Grant

Tesla se penche sur son retrait de la Bourse

Photo: Chuck Burton, Associated Press
The contractor, south african Elon Musk had sent out Tuesday during the meeting a series of messages on Twitter expressing its intention to remove Tesla from the rating and leave it at the p.-d. g. no matter what happens.

Tesla launched on Wednesday, in the examination of the project of its withdrawal from the stock Exchange raised the previous day by his p.-d. g. Elon Musk, an unexpected announcement that has aroused the suspicions of price manipulation of the stock market authorities.

The board of directors of the electric car manufacturer high-end said in a press release will be reunited “several times over the past week” to discuss this topic and ” take the necessary steps to assess it “. The discussions revolved around the advantages that would be “for the long-term interests of Tesla” no longer be listed on Wall Street as well as around the “necessary funding” to carry out such an operation, there is added.

The entrepreneur of south africa had sown the seed of disorder on Tuesday, sending it during the session with a burst of messages on Twitter expressing its intention to remove Tesla from the rating and leave it at the p.-d. g. no matter what happens. Nothing prevents a priori the companies listed on Wall Street to make announcements on the social networks if they have previously warned that they could use these means of communication. What Tesla had done. But when in two words, ” assured funding “, the boss of Tesla, has ensured already have the money necessary to carry out the operation, it has generated many questions.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the backdating of the financial markets, the SEC has asked the company, if the assertion of Mr. Musk was ” real “. Contacted by AFP, the SEC did not wish to comment.

“When he adds to the both the share price and the fact that the funding is provided, these statements may be considered misleading if they do not materialize, said John Coffee, a specialist in law at Columbia University. He notes that it is “very unlikely” that Mr. Musk has already obtained tens of billions of dollars.

Not only the amount would be the highest ever obtained for such an operation, but especially Tesla has not yet proven its ability to earn money over a whole year. And he is still trying to refine its strategy : the group put a lot on the success of her last-born, the Model 3, which is facing major delays in production.

On Wall Street, the title of Tesla has ended up nearly 11 % on Tuesday after the burst of tweets the boss of Tesla, which is materialized by heavy losses for financiers who speculated about its collapse. “It has been estimated that investors that bet on a drop in the stock have lost $ 1.3 billion,” Mr. Coffee, concluding, therefore, that, if the advertisements of Mr. Musk prove to be misleading, these financial could attack the company in court.