The actor died from the “Winter cherry” Arunas Storpirstis

Скончался актер из «Зимней вишни» Арунас Сторпирштис

In Vilnius died Lithuanian actor Arunas Storpirstis, he was 68 years old, according to the portal

“He was sick, but worked until the last day – yesterday announced the film. He was lying in bed, died with dignity,” said the younger brother of actor Gediminas Storpirstis.

Arunas Storpirstis was born in Vilnius on 2 September 1950. Studied at Lithuanian state Conservatoire.

The actor starred in many famous films, including “an American tragedy”, “Winter cherry-2”, “over the rainbow”, “Secret fairway”, “Secrets of Queen Anna, or Musketeers thirty years later”.

He also served in the leading theaters of Lithuania.

On stage Storpirstis played in productions of “the dancing Master”, “Love and death in Verona”, “Peter pan”, “Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy”.