The actress of popular TV series “Sasha+Masha” spoke about his struggle with cancer

Актриса популярного сериала «Саша+Маша» рассказала о своей борьбе с раком

Elena Biryukova, the famous comedienne, shared the story of a difficult period in her life: when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, her husband refused to visit her in the hospital, citing a great time in the theater.

About the diagnosis of ovarian cancer Elena found out about 14 years ago, at the age of 34 years. Then she was married to theater Director, Alexei Litvin, a daughter, Alexandra. After diagnosis, the actress slipped into a long depression. After some time she realized that in such a mental state from the disease to get rid of can not, and will make it worse. It was then decided to fight. At the same time Elena says that there is no General recipe to combat cancer does not exist. In her case helped her with the desire to “do something”. “Hysteria won’t change anything,” she adds.

After the conducted complex operations, the disease began to recede, and in the future, Elena is completely rid of cancer. This period the actress believes a test of their relationship with her husband. When Elena told him about his illness, he stated that he did not intend to quit his job and help her. Immediately after leaving the hospital, Elena filed for divorce.

Now Elena Biryukova lives with businessman jeweler by Ilya Horoshilovym, with whom she was introduced by her close friend, Ekaterina Klimova. Moreover, despite the transferred disease Helena, in 2012, the couple had a daughter together Aglaya.