The Arctic has ceased to be safe for nesting birds – the scientists

Арктика перестала быть безопасной для гнездовья птиц - ученые

An international group of scientists announced that the Arctic was no longer a safe area for nesting birds. As the BBC reports, the researchers attribute this to climate change that affect the behavior and habitat of the predators that attack nests.

It is noted that the coastal birds nest on the ground, so predators, such as foxes, it is easy to get close to their nests, steal eggs or Chicks. According to the researchers, birds have reduced the number of offspring that makes their situation “unsustainable.”

In the study, researchers examined data that were collected for 70 years, about 38 thousand nests 200 species of birds in 149 parts of the world. In addition, the researchers compared the data about climate change and bird population. The result was a connection between predation and climate change on a global scale, especially in the Arctic.

The number of nest predators in the Arctic has increased three times over the past 70 years. A two-fold increase found in Europe, most of Asia and North America, whereas in the tropics and in the southern hemisphere, there were minor changes.