The army appeal in Kiev fail. Propaganda does not work

Армейский призыв в Киеве провален. Пропаганда не работает

Promotional videos on the service in the modern Ukrainian army did not work among the inhabitants of Kiev, service in the armed forces today can only attract inhabitants of a remote province, for which there is no other social elevators.

This “Politnavigator” said Ukrainian political analyst Sergei Belasco, commenting on the head of the Kyiv military Commissariat Sergey Klyavlino that the turnout of recruits as of November 5, amounted to only 8%, shying away from the call more than 23400.

“Propaganda is a specific, limited time and for a specific target audience. And if there is no rebuttal. That is, if say that the army is “stylish, fashionable, youth”, while he returned from the army people also tell you that Yes, everything is cool, they teach useful skills, new friends, fun, good food, nice clothing, etc. But they come back and tell quite another. Tell about the bullying, about bullying, about malnutrition, about the fact that some of the clothes are forced to buy for your money, while soldiers have all the necessary to provide.

Of course, that “word of mouth” is much more effective propaganda. Do not believe the propaganda. Especially when people say that conscripts will not be sent to the Donbas – just look at the statistics of how many soldiers in the Donbas is already ruined.

In addition, everyone thinks as it is better to spend your time, and the army – not the best option. If we impose the success of the appeal on the socio-economic situation in the country, we will see that the worse people live, the more readily they go to the army.

For Kievan army – wasted time. It maybe it’s time to learn a profession, earn, etc. and recruit from some remote village it’s really a start in life. Really, the guy from the village can in the army to learn some mechanic or driver, then find work. or, at least, after the army to get a guard or small position in any power structure. For him this is some kind of social lift,” said Belasco.