The Austrian President is not going to discuss with Putin in Paris spy scandal

Президент Австрии не собирается обсуждать с Путиным в Париже шпионский скандал

In Austria, on 9 November, was arrested worked for the Russian secret services retired Colonel.

It is reported that an Austrian soldier, occupying, and after his retirement an important position, was recruited over 20 years ago.

November 10, the suspect has given grateful evidences. It turned out that he worked in the structural planning of the Ministry of defence of Austria and could know about the contents of important negotiations in the Department.

Karin Kneissl, Minister for foreign Affairs of Austria at the wedding which was Vladimir Putin Cossack choir in the form of a gift to the newlyweds, canceled his visit to Russia, scheduled for December 2 and 3, because of this incident. Federal Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz urged Russia to answer.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in principle, of the fact of espionage did not deny, but simply rebuked the Austrian side that they resorted to “megaphone diplomacy”. I mean, he was just outraged, why this arrest said publicly – in fact before such delicate problem was usually resolved quietly, behind closed doors.

Offense Lavrov should, in fact, in Europe only two countries have a more or less normal relations with Russia. It’s Austria and Italy. The rest of the country strenuously from Russia trying to distance themselves. And now with Austria such a scandal.

But while the President of Austria van der Bellen urged not to dramatize the situation regarding relations with Russia and said he was not going to discuss with Putin in Paris spy scandal.

Van der Belen said that it is necessary to wait until the end of the investigation, when the essence of the charges the arrested will become clear, and then, according to the circumstances to take action.