The baby died from measles in Jerusalem – this is the first time in 15 years

Малыш умер от кори в Иерусалиме - это первый случай за 15 лет

Antireligioznik brought measles to Israel.

In connection with the sudden outbreak of measles in Israel, the local Ministry of health wants to ban to let the school children if parents refuse to vaccinate.

The reason is that last week in Jerusalem, died of measles 18-month-old baby, and this is the first reported death from the disease in Israel for 15 years, writes The Times of Israel. According to doctors of the capital hospital Xagħra Zedek, the baby was not vaccinated against this contagious disease.

The girl might have contracted from his parents, both of whom diagnosed with measles, and none of them vaccinated.

The girl’s death occurred on the background of the now frequent failures of parents to vaccinate children. Failure of parents from vaccinations based on various unproven claims about the dangers of this life-saving practice.

The baby belonged to the ultra-ortogonales the family of the radical sect Neturei Karta of Jerusalem.

Neturei Karta – a radical anti-Zionists who refuse the services of many public services, including health, such as the national program of early vaccination of children.

This year marks the rise of measles among the Israelites, and the highest in ultra-ortogonales the community of Jerusalem: 753 reported cases of infection.

This is attributed to the failure of the radical traditionalists from vaccination.

In second place performance in the ultra-Orthodox community in Safed – 213 cases registered this year. Followed by 89 cases in Petah Tikva and 84 in tel Aviv.

The Minister of health Moshe Bar Siman-Tov called on parents to “come and get vaccinated. This is the most important thing you can do to protect themselves from this contagious disease”.

The Minister assured that officials “don’t want to talk about sanctions, but if we see danger for the population because of unvaccinated people, we will consider the possibility of a ban, such a child to attend school”.

He stressed that such a move is not the purpose of punishment, and “the protection of other children in the school.”

Bar Siman-Tov noted that the vast majority of ultra-ortogonalnykh families vaccinated, and that pockets of measles outbreaks in Jerusalem and Safed – only among a small portion of the community.

According to Professor Shai Ashkenazi, Director of the Israeli pediatric society, measles “was on the verge of extinction, but due to the decline of vaccination came the big comeback. In Europe in the first half of 2018, there were more than 41 000 cases of HIV infection, and at least 37 cases of death”.

He urged the lawmakers to make vaccination mandatory for all citizens.

And you believe in the effectiveness of the vaccine, or hope for “maybe blow over”?

Victor Sibiel.