“The bastard son of a beggar”: for them after the death of Kobzon lost financial support.

«Внебрачный сын-голодранец»: Повалий после смерти Кобзона потеряла финансовую поддержку - соцсети

Kobzon still not left one of his sons to their fate in life was helping the family’s financial success, according to users. However, with his death, financial flow blocked wife Nellie.

In your account in Instagram Taisiya Povaliy on the day of the death of Joseph Kobzon wrote a post that shared this grief with the members and said that for her family the death of people’s artist is a huge tragedy and how much she was hurt by the fact that Joseph Davydovich is no more.

The social network immediately drew attention to a similar post suffering and suggested that Thais mourn not the legend of the Russian stage, and for the favourite person. Most of them believe that for them after the death of Kobzon has lost much financial support, since the master died, she was left in the lurch once the woman and her son, and now Nelly has blocked the flow of money in someone else’s family and illegitimate son-the beggar left not only without financial assistance, but also without lawful inheritance, because, apparently, in his will, he was not listed and now the family will struggle, because success can no longer work hard enough to provide and of the son, and he left the program “the Voice” and now he also needs to get into show business.

However, users noted that the suspicions about the connection of Joseph Davydovich with Taisiya Povaliy it has long been rumored and no one rushes to refute them. Because of this, they allowed themselves to come to the conclusion that the son of singer Dennis is very much like a folk artist and is actually his son, which, of course, would have damaged the reputation of the contractor, as an exemplary family man.

Because Taisiya decided to conceal an affair with a married man and announced that Denis only child from his first marriage. However, not all fans believed it, and their suspicions continue to result in comments under the photo for them.

«Внебрачный сын-голодранец»: Повалий после смерти Кобзона потеряла финансовую поддержку - соцсети