The brutal massacre of a mother and child: the customer was a woman, everyone knew her

Зверская расправа над матерью с ребенком: заказчиком оказалась женщина, ее знали все

The investigation found that the customer grisly murders of a mother and son that shook the capital

7 November in Moscow in the apartment of multi storey house found the bodies of 35-year-old Ekaterina Smirnova and her 12-year-old son Sasha. They were killed in extremely brutal way: the offender struck them numerous times with a knife, and on his head, Sasha was a plastic bag.

It was reported that Catherine was a widow – her husband died last year. The neighbors told me that lately she was often seen with a new man.

Two days after the horrific findings of the investigation arrested the main suspect – 30-year-old Dmitry electrically. He immediately confessed to the murder and told that he did it by request of relatives of the dead.

As it turned out, her husband was in the military and left his wife and child a decent legacy he left them half of the apartment. However, his mother and older sister did not appreciate such generosity: they wanted to take the whole apartment yourself.

Sister men – Elizabeth – was trying to achieve through his court, but lost. The woman then decided to go to extreme measures: she found the man with multiple convictions for serious articles and ordered him to the widow of his brother. Services of “killer” cost her 300 thousand rubles (approximately 124 thousand UAH). To money the killer must have been after Elizabeth, will enter into the inheritance.

As it turned out, originally Elizabeth wanted Batygin only killed Catherine, and her son Sasha had to stay alive. In order to ingratiate himself to the woman, the offender found her on a Dating site and corresponded with her for months. After that, they several times met in person. One of these encounters, the criminal on the night after all were asleep, proceeded to the execution of his plan.

In the process of killing Catherine, who was stronger than expected Batygin, the noise came back, and Sasha tried to save mom. As a result, the offender killed both of them.

Neighbors told that the offender did killed all that bad, and while he dressed in the clothes of the deceased husband of Catherine.

The customer of murder is already questioned by investigators, but it has denied any involvement in the incident.

In turn, Dmitry batygina, accused of the brutal murder of a mother and her 12-year-old son was arrested 2 months to 7 January 2019.

Зверская расправа над матерью с ребенком: заказчиком оказалась женщина, ее знали все

Зверская расправа над матерью с ребенком: заказчиком оказалась женщина, ее знали все