The budget surplus will be $ 2 billion, maintains François Legault

Le surplus budgétaire sera de 2 milliards, maintient François Legault

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The prime minister, Legault has promised Quebecers a “nice budget” in a month.

Isabelle Wear and

Marco Bélair-Cirino

in Quebec city

February 20, 2019

  • Quebec

The prime minister François Legault contradicts the Institut du Québec (IdQ) and maintains that the budget surplus will not be $ 3.4 to $ 4.6 billion, but only $ 2 billion at the end of the fiscal year 2018-2019.

“The liberal government, in 2018, has announced many new measures that will begin to cost money in 2019,” he explained in an impromptu press on Tuesday.

“If the departments spend as expected, the quebec government will release a budget surplus of approximately $ 2 billion,” added Mr. Legault.

The prime minister was reacting to the publication of a study of the IdQ, according to which the budget surplus will be two to three times higher than what is expected by the government this year.

The ex-minister of Finance Carlos Leitão describes, for its part, as a “conservative” estimate of the budget surplus of the IdQ. It will be rather to $ 5 billion, he estimates.

At the outbreak of the elections at the end of the reign liberal, the surplus was estimated to be 950 million by the ministry of Finance.

Legault plays prudence

In the media scrum, the prime minister, Legault has also promised to Quebecers a “nice budget” in a month.

Mr. Legault is forbidden to “decrease [r] the expectations” of Quebeckers, who want to sometimes a reinvestment in the missions of the State, and sometimes a relief of their tax burden. “I do not lower the expectations. I tell you the truth, ” he started.

Listen to the prime minister François Legault in a media scrum:

Playing ” prudence “, Mr. Legault refuses to untie the purse strings. “There is a surplus for the year 2018-2019, but there is no surplus for the year 2019-2020. Therefore, it fautêtre very careful before announcing new recurrent expenditure as there will be no money next year to fund them, ” said Mr. Legault.

It is, however, committed to honouring the promises made by his education policy during the election campaign.

“There has already been announcements made for the return of the money in the wallet. We are going to reduce school taxes. Over four years, we will abolish the fee family of liberals. It also wants to increase the tax credit that is given for the second and third child. All of the commitments that have been made during the election campaign will be upheld, ” he argued.

For his part, the minister of Finance, Eric Girard, was said to consider “expenses that make a difference immediately,” provided that they are ” not recurring “. “There are needs at the level of services,” he agreed.

The demands of the opposition

The chief parliamentary pq, Pascal Bérubé, has asked for a ” second bath [for the people housed in NURSING homes] prior to the third link [road between Quebec city and Lévis] “. The government, he added, will “take account of the practical issues and actual for the population : child care services, the health of seniors, schools, children” ?

Finally, Manon Massé of Québec solidaire, called on the government to take advantage of this margin for manoeuvre to re-invest in education and tackle the causes of climate change. “If you want to still be that there is a planet in 2030, 2050, 2070, he has to make a radical change,” argued the co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire.


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