The CAQ closes the door to the filing of a bill for the observance of the target of Quebec’s climate

La CAQ ferme la porte au dépôt d’un projet de loi pour le respect des cibles climatiques du Québec

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
The liberal mp Marie Montpetit and the instigator of the Pact for the transition, Dominic Champagne

The members of the CAQ were rejected on Thursday a motion supported by all three opposition parties, which called on the government to introduce a bill ” aimed at ensuring the enforcement of the obligations of Quebec’s climate “.

The motion, tabled by the liberal mp Marie Montpetit, demanded that ” the national Assembly asks the government caquiste of formally undertake to submit a draft law aimed at ensuring the enforcement of the obligations of Quebec’s climate, prior to the adjournment of the work in June 2019, and this, in order to proceed to its study “.

At the time of voting, on Thursday, the liberal members of parliament, those of the Parti québécois and Québec solidaire have therefore supported the motion. The deputies caquistes, however, rose to oppose the adoption of this motion, including the former minister of the Environment MarieChantal Chassé, and the current minister of the Environment, Benoit Charette.

Coherent decisions

This idea of adopting a draft law to force the government to respect its commitments to fight against climate change is defended by the instigators of the Pact for the energy transition, and, in particular, the stage director Dominic Champagne, who is at the origin of this initiative.

Under their ” bill to ensure the compliance with the commitments of Quebec’s climate “, the government would be legally obliged to comply with the emission reduction targets of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including a decrease of 37.5 % by 2030, compared to 1990.

This legislation would require the State to make decisions “consistent” with the achievement of the targets, especially when it comes time to approve the road projects in industrial and / or who are at risk of adding to the stock of GHGS in the province.


In an interview to the Duty after the vote Thursday, Mr. Champagne said he is “disappointed” by the rejection of the motion by the caquistes. “The sense of urgency climate does not seem to be shared by all “, he stressed. “But at what time starts the emergency ? And what will be the measures that will be presented by the government to combat climate change ? For the moment, the leadership is not at the height of the situation. “

The release Thursday of the motion on the climate bill was also held in the wake of a unanimous vote of the national Assembly on a motion that ” the national Assembly should take note of the delay accumulated by Quebec in the fight against climate change “, but also that it ” calls on the government to act with determination to catch up “.

According to the climate goals put forward several years ago by the Quebec, it was planned to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 % by 2020, compared to 1990. But according to the most recent balance sheet of GHG available, that is, the year 2016, emissions had only decreased by 9.1 %.

Transport (road, air, rail and river) alone account for 43 % of all emissions in Quebec. The emissions from this sector have also risen 21.9 % since 1990. “This situation is due to the increase of the automobile park of quebec, the increase of the power, the weight and accessories of vehicles, as well as to the increase in distance travelled,” says the ministry of the Environment in its balance sheet 2016 GHG emissions.


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