The cause of the crash of the helicopter of the owner of “Lester”

Установлена причина крушения вертолета владельца "Лестера"

According to the Department of investigation of accidents UK (AAIB), the helicopter of the owner of “Lester” was wrecked as a result of violation of the system, connecting the tail rotor and the appropriate pedal in the cab.

This version has been primary since the beginning of the investigation of the tragedy.

As stated in the Commission’s opinion, an error occurs due to the accumulation of grease on one of the components of the system. However, the investigation will continue until complete clarification of circumstances.

In the accident model of helicopter AW169 near the home stadium, “Lester” has killed the team owner Vichai of Sarvadharma, and also 4 passengers including the daughter Vichai.

After this tragedy, the European Agency for aviation safety (EASA) ordered the review of all components of helicopters AW169 and similar models.