The conflict with Russia in the Azov sea: the Admiral said he is waiting for prisoners sailors

Конфликт с Россией в Азовском море: адмирал рассказал, что ждет пленных моряков

Sailors three captured Russian ships of the Ukrainian naval forces arrested the occupiers they have brought criminal cases. The new hostages of the Russian Federation will be used by the Kremlin as a bargaining chip with Ukraine.

On the question about the further fate of the Ukrainian sailors, he said, “the Ships were towed to the nearest port, it is a rule in the port of Kerch. The ships and the crews arrested. In addition, according to the official information of the FSB of Russia, against them criminal case for violation of the Maritime state border. Now carried out pre-trial proceedings against the crew.”

Hayduk said that among sailors there are wounded, on their number differed. According to the Ukrainian side their 6, in particular 2 heavy. According to official data of the Russian FSB, 3 wounded no life-threatening.

“I think the sailors will be the subject of bargaining between Ukraine and Russia… Perhaps bargaining will be gradual. In the first phase will focus on the provision of skilled care and release of injured, at the second stage – the other members of the crew. This is a promising dialog between Ukraine and Russia”, – said the former commander of the Ukrainian Navy.

The Vice-Admiral told whether Ukraine can count on international support.

“Going to an emergency meeting of the UN security Council on this issue. We hope that there will be a statement in favor of Ukraine, especially since yesterday was an appeal to the Secretary General of NATO, and the countries of the Budapest Memorandum, to the European Union, the United States to combine efforts to protect Ukraine… Statement should be. But in the short term, given the behavior of Russia, these applications will be void. For ourselves, nobody will protect us,” said Hayduk.

The foreign Ministry called provocation with tow in violation of the UN Charter and the UN Convention on the law of the sea, and called on the international community to the response. In the end, the Russian side has blocked the Kerch Strait, and deployed in the incident area attack helicopters of the armed forces. Later, the scene there arrived two Russian su-25.

It became known later that at the outlet of the Kerch Strait, Russia has used weapons against ships of the Ukrainian Navy. In the end, six people were injured, three Ukrainian ship was captured. After that, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko supported the idea of introduction in Ukraine of martial law. Monday, November 26, the Verkhovna Rada at the extraordinary session will consider this question.

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