The deputies decided to postpone a vote to consultations on pesticides

Les députés reportent un vote pour des consultations sur les pesticides

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The vote has been postponed in two weeks, when the resumption of parliament, after the break.

The caquistes blame the liberals for the report of any consultations on the pesticides, in the wake of the case of Louis Robert, this agronomist fired by the ministry of Agriculture for having denounced the undue influence of the pesticide industry on the research.

The mps have postponed Thursday afternoon, the vote for the holding of consultations on pesticides, because they have not been able to agree on the wording of the mandate.

The liberal opposition “misrepresents completely the” objective of the commission wanting to discuss the whistleblower, Louis Robert, has accused a government spokesman, Marc-André Gosselin, in a telephone interview.

“It does not make sense to mix it up, the liberals are obstructing the progress of the work “, he continued.

Mp pq’s Sylvain Roy, to the origin of the initiative mandate asked, wanted the commission to examine ” the impacts on public health and the environment from the use of chemicals such as pesticides in agriculture and food “.

The caquistes wanted that the commission is also focusing on “the practices of alternative innovative available, as well as to” respect the reciprocity and the competitiveness of the agri-food sector in quebec,”.

The vote has been postponed in two weeks, when the resumption of parliament, after the break.

Earlier that morning, elected officials caquistes had refused to hear to the Commission des institutions Louis Robert. The majority, caquistes voted against a proposal which was supported by the opposition.

The proposal of initiative mandate on the issue emanated from the independent mna Guy Ouellette.

In a press briefing in the morning at the Parliament, the liberal member for La pinière, Gaétan Barrette, who took part in the working session on this issue, said to be “disappointed” by the position of the caquistes. The liberals proposed to be heard behind closed doors if he had to. They wanted to “make the point about the seal” between the administrative and the legislature, explained Mr. Barrette.

“The arguments put forward [by QSL] did not take the road,” he lamented.

The interim leader of the parti québecois, Pascal Bérubé, criticized the elected caquistes obeying an instruction of the party. He argued that the members of the government have agreed to follow a word order, without regard to the seriousness of the issue on which they were to pronounce.

“This is terrible, they are the same as the liberals, he declared in a media scrum Thursday morning. It is a further decline of the [QAC]. “

The president of the Syndicat des professionnels du government du Quebec (SPGQ), Richard Perron, has also condemned the refusal of the government caquiste.

Louis Robert has filed two grievances, challenging her dismissal and request to be reinstated with full compensation, and another to seek redress because of a suspension that exceeded 30 days.

Mr. Robert could also file a civil suit for defamation, but the union wants “the government to reflect and exchange opinions” quickly before we go to the courts, was suggested by Mr. Perron.


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