The Deputy Entin proposed to eliminate all points of reception of scrap metal in Nikolaev

Депутат Ентин предложил ликвидировать все точки приема металлолома в Николаеве

The Deputy of the Nikolaev city Council from fraction “Our land” Vladislav Entin considers it appropriate to eliminate all points of reception of scrap metal in Nikolaev.

He stated this yesterday, November 9, during session of the Nikolaev city Council.

In his opinion, such decision will allow to solve the problem of open hatches and metal thefts in the city.

– We will create the most likely situation with the theft of scrap metal at our cemeteries, hatches, has reached the point that in the hallways off the metal door. You need to make a map of collection points, which are in Nikolaev, so we can either create a control group and together with the police to check the legality of their placement. And, accordingly, take action: either to go to court to close these points, so they never functioned. Yesterday saw the statistics, Nikolaev is among the five cities, where there are still such practices in the private sector or private buildings, structures accepted scrap metal. In other cities, has no such. In the river we saw the mayor Filatov in two days actually shut down 100 points on scrap metal reception. We would like to see it, too, responded the mayor, the deputies, respectively, will shoulder in this matter, and close all the items that we did not know more problems, no open hatches, or with the theft of scrap metal, – said Vladislav Entin.

At the same time, he appealed to the representative of the police patrol that attended the session, with a request to help MPs and provide information on points of reception of scrap metal, which are currently operating in the city.