The digital World: Russia switches to new format of broadcasting

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Elena Andreeva


From January 10 next year, Russia officially switched to digital broadcasting. Residents will be able to watch 20 of the Federal channels in high quality, including the air of TV company “MIR”. The scale of the changes the statistics.

With the transition to digital TV channel “MIR” is available to residents of more than five thousand settlements of Russia. This is almost eight times larger than in analog broadcasting.

To create the necessary for digital broadcasts in Russia, the infrastructure was involved 50 400 General contractors and subcontractors. Built about 5 thousand objects, more than 3.5 thousand of them built from scratch.

For the preparation of the launch of digital TV for the construction of digital network specialists spent 75 thousand inspections of equipment.

The volume of design documentation on creation of digital television network made up of more than 200 thousand volumes – 4 thousand boxes with a total weight of 120 tons.

We will add that in ten years of existence of the Federal program on the development of broadcasting was carried out gigantic work. In 2009 a quarter of Russia’s population for free took only two television channels.