The doctors have suggested, at what age is best to quit Smoking

Медики подсказали, в каком возрасте лучше бросить курить

American scientists have determined the exact age of nicotine withdrawal and cleansing of the cardiovascular system.

The researchers observed nine thousands of patients over the age of 16. They were able to establish that all participants in the study who quit Smoking before 45 years old increase the chances of survival almost doubled.

Statistics show that people with heart disease with the diagnosis “heart attack” and “stroke” in 70% of cases smoked one or more packs of cigarettes a day.

The risk of heart attack, stroke or premature problems of the cardiovascular system that are not associated with age, those who quit Smoking in the 42-43 year decreased by 38%.

After a complete rejection of cigarettes chances of developing dangerous diseases affecting the organs and soft tissues, decreased by 25-30%.

Therefore, scientists say that the ideal age range to quit Smoking – from 40 to 45 years. Besides, this is the best time to clear the cardiovascular system.