The dollar again, “occasional”: a fresh currency exchange rate

Доллар снова "занесло": свежий курс валют

Thursday, December 6, the average purchase rate of cash dollar in Ukrainian banks, compared with the environment, fell at 8.60 kopecks to UAH 27,7903. The selling rate decreased by 10.37 COP to UAH 28,1327. The maximum purchase rate was UAH 28,0, minimum selling rate is 27.9 UAH.

The average rate of buying the Euro fell by 12.27 COP and is 31,3973 UAH, the average selling rate decreased by 13.83 COP to 32,0207. Sell the Euro can be expensive for 31,6 UAH, buy cheaper – for 31,75 UAH.

The average purchase rate of 10 Russian rubles fell by 1.4 kopecks and amounts to 3,763 UAH for 10 Russian rubles. The average selling rate fell by 1.6 COP and is 4,266 UAH. The maximum rate of cash purchase offered by banks – 4,1 UAH for 10 rubles, the minimum selling rate is 4.15 UAH.