The dollar could change dramatically, only a few days left: what you need to know Ukrainians

Курс доллара может резко измениться, остались считанные дни: что нужно знать украинцам

Ukrainians warned of a possible change in the dollar

By the end of the year the dollar can fall in price.

This forecast of financial analysts Forex Club.

By the end of December, the dollar may fall to 28 UAH. This will contribute to the IMF loans and the EU. In addition, fluctuations will be constrained by means of currency interventions of the national Bank.

However, there is also the risk that the dollar will rise again.

“However, under the influence of negative factors the value of the dollar may rise to 29 hryvnia. The main risk – escalation of military aggression. Then the rate can overcome this mark,” suggests analyst at Forex Club Andrey Shevchishin.

Experts believe that martial law will not affect the hryvnia in the long run. If you start the active phase of hostilities, the hryvnia will weaken.

“There are fears that could be reduced by remittances of Ukrainians of Russia. To deteriorate logistics and blocking supplies to Russia through third countries,” – said the analyst.

At the same time, speculative pressure on the national currency decreases as the panic of the people after the imposition of martial law are declining.

Previously, we reported that the dollar and the Euro continues to depreciate, the national Bank keeps the quotes on the interbank market, not allowing them to sink completely.

On Saturday 8 December will operate the official rates of major foreign currencies by the national Bank of Ukraine set for Friday:

$ 100 – 2787.9569 hryvnia

100 Euro 3164.6099 hryvnia

10 Russian rubles – 4.1775 of the hryvnia.

According to data on the regulator’s website, the dollar for December 8 is at the level of 27 and 87 UAH. The Euro exchange rate of the NBU on December 8 dropped to 31.56 UAH.

In the previous banking day, Thursday 6 December, acted in such foreign exchange rates:

$ 100 – 2797.5656 hryvnia

100 Euro 3176.3560 hryvnia

10 Russian rubles – 4.1865 of the hryvnia.

We also wrote that in 22 years since its introduction into circulation of the Ukrainian hryvnia depreciated by 14 times. The hryvnia became the national currency after the currency reform in 1996. The current series of banknotes and coins is too large and not entirely consistent with the changes that have occurred in the country during this time.

Today one hryvnia equivalent to 7 cents of the sample of the hryvnia in 1996 by level of purchasing power. So if in 1996, there was a need to handle small coins, now its almost none.

Курс доллара может резко измениться, остались считанные дни: что нужно знать украинцам

Курс доллара может резко измениться, остались считанные дни: что нужно знать украинцам