The drunk inhabitant of Balashikha opened fire, was shot in the knee buddy

Пьяный житель Балашихи открыл стрельбу, прострелил колено приятелю

CHP shooting occurred in the neighborhood of Nikolskoe-Arkhangelsk.

According to the press-service GU MVD of Moscow region, on the night of October 10, two residents of Balashikha, sitting in the apartment drinking. Having drunk superfluous, they picked a quarrel among themselves, which turned into a fight.

The drunken master born in 1983, grabbed his shotgun and shot the knee of his friend. The message to the duty of the police received about 3am.

The wounded man called himself an ambulance, and closed the gunman with a gun in the bathroom.

The victim born in 1986 and is necessary medical care. The guards will hold a hearing on the circumstances of the case.