“The explorer of contents” is no longer

«L’exploratrice des matières» n’est plus

Photo: Huguette Martel
Detail of the work “The eclipse, the delicious” (1991)

The prolific sculptor Louise Viger is no more. Achievement of the four cancers, she died Tuesday at the age of 78 years. The one whose work iconoclast stands out in particular through the use of materials unusual and the quest for lightness is praised by his peers for his singularity, his commitment and his generosity.

«L’exploratrice des matières» n’est plus

Photo: Richard-Max Tremblay

The well-known artist has had a rich career. Among his favourite themes, the human being and its condition. Louise Viger was first interested in her figure, and then to the coating. In recent years, erasure and disappearance have become central in his work.

Since 1978, she has made several solo exhibitions in Québec, including at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal and the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec.

Woman team, she has contributed to numerous collective works, including Seeing in Tongues — The tip of the tongue, and Women artists of the Twentieth century in Quebec.

Louise Viger is also recognized for the fifteen works of public art that she has made. Among them, the Voice without noise, we can see the Grande Bibliothèque de Montréal, Of the laurels for memory, designed in homage to Jean-Duceppe, and An architecture of air, installed at the entrance of the Plaza Saint-Hubert.

Recently, she created The crossing of the fireflies, installed in the entrance of the new CHUM, in Montreal. Ironically, the artist was called upon to review this piece frequently over the last few months, since she was receiving her chemotherapy treatments in the hospital.

Louise Viger has also been jury in several competitions for public art. “She was very involved in her community,” says his friend, the artist Serge Murphy, who knew her for forty-five years, at the time when they were both students at the University of Laval.

She managed always to innovate. It was not just trite solutions, it was really a researcher.

— Serge Murphy


Materials unusual

Another friend, Charles Guilbert, who is also an artist, was regarded as an” explorer contents ” in a text tribute. And for good reason, Louise Viger is distinguished by its use of materials is unexpected, such as the foam of dryer and different types of food.

This “trade mark”, in fact, “one of the sculptrices the most original that we had here,” says the director of the foundation, Molinari, Gilles Daigneault, who skirted past several years.

He cites the example of this monumental sculpture designed in a tree at the mont Royal, which contained thousands of bréchets chicken. “The patience to do that ! What a lot of work to get to something that she would have been able to do with materials more simple, ” exclaimed he, still stunned nearly fifteen years later.

“She had a way of thinking very personal. It was a long-term work, ” says gallery owner Joyce Yahouda, evoking a gown designed entirely of coat hangers.

“She could always innovate. It was not just trite solutions, it really was a researcher, ” described Serge Murphy.

A fighter

Until the very end, Louise Viger has struggled against the disease and worn his many artistic projects with a will of iron, speak to its close.

Evidenced by his work I am looking sometimes to the other asleep, which will be inaugurated on Thursday at the Biennale de sculpture contemporaine in Trois-Rivières. Inspired by his illness, this sculpture is composed of two puppets-black, one wears a medical mask as she herself has had to wear recently. “This puppet with the mask console the other puppet to the ground. It is as if she is sick, consoled the other, ” explains Mr. Murphy.

Louise Viger was a woman of a thousand and one projects, and even recently, despite the cancer that had paralyzed her body, she had planned to lead the design through Skype. His relatives had found in his mail the last two days offers to create new works of public art.

Success of esteem

Despite its great reputation, by Louise Viger was a discreet woman. “She had the gift to not take up the whole space, simply make a move that results in psychologically the space,” said Gilles Daigneault.

Constantly changing art materials, she agreed not to have brand image, ” he observes.

Big reader, Louise Viger was inspired by images of the literary that she had taken at the foot of the letter, to create her works, described Mr. Daigneault. “You would have said that she saw literature as a field of forms and images. “

It aroused the admiration among his fellow artists, especially the literary community, who paid him tribute recently inspired to turn his works to create, for a number of the journal Writings.

Joyce Yahouda will remember Louise Viger for his generosity. “It included people in his work. She gave a lot of compliments, and encouraged the young people, ” recalls one who was known in the 1980s. She was always happy, always trying to thank us, then that it was she who gave us so much. “

“She was very demanding towards herself, it was really a go-getter, takes Serge Murphy. If she had been in politics… ! ” let-t-he fall in a laugh.