The famous singer made a brawl with the robbery

Известный певец устроил дебош с ограблением

Famous Russian singer Pierre Narcissus in Moscow on Friday, November 9, staged a riot and fought with one of the customers in the bar.

The singer hit the victim with a beer mug in the face and took his phone. The victim wrote a statement to the police, now the police will deal with the unruly man.

The identity of the victim established. He was a local resident Paul W. was taken to the police for drinking alcohol and fighting.

The victim wrote a statement to the police. Narcisse threatens case under article “Robbery”. The punishment of correctional work or imprisonment for a term not exceeding seven years.

Pierre Narcisse so far not commented on the incident.

The singer of Cameroonian origin has become known for its participation in the show “star Factory -2” after the song “Chocolate Bunny,” which became a hit.