The fire in Petersburg: open burning is eliminated

PHOTO : TASS / Valentin Egorshin


Two people were injured during a fire in St. Petersburg, reports TASS. Burned a hypermarket in almost 5 thousand square meters. One visitor was killed by the smoke, the store employee injured his spine after jumping from a height. People from the building were evacuated. As reported in the MOE, to this moment, open burning has been eliminated, but continue to smolder in the homes. More – in the material correspondent of the TV channel “MIR 24” Nahid Babayev.

On the remote duty of service of rescue the message about the fire was received at 8:30 in the morning, within 10 minutes firefighters were on site. They gave fire first, the second, and then raised the third level of complexity.

Burning grocery shelves and racks – mostly plastic, so the fire spread quickly and covered an area of almost 5 thousand square meters. The whole neighborhood was shrouded in smoke, although the façade was not injured, broke out not even a paper ad.

A one-storey building was evacuated 800 people. In a few minutes after people left, the roof collapsed. Water to extinguish the fire was taken from the bypass channel, which is 50 metres from the shopping centre. According to official information, the dead and injured there.

“About how many involved equipment and the personnel. Currently, the fire works 47 units, 197 personnel,” – said the head of EMERCOM in Saint-Petersburg Alexey Anikin.

The fire arrived and the acting Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov. He reported that he had taken the decision to increase the budget of the city for the year 2019 funding the smoke exhaust system.

“We need to find additional funds for smoke removal, a number of other items that our firefighters had the opportunity to respond quickly to such situations and perform tasks,” – said the head of the Northern capital.

Why burned a shopping complex, is investigated. Emergency officials are considering several versions, including careless handling of fire. According to eyewitnesses, the fire started in the kitchen.

In the area of the fire and a nearby site mobile chemical radiometric laboratory. Its employees every 15-20 minutes and measure the air for excess of norm of hazardous substances. At the moment they are not detected.