‘The Flatshare’ stars did their own stunts: writing Post-its

“The Flatshare” stars Jessica Brown Findlay and Anthony Welsh obtained to do all their own stunts in their new rom-com TV sequence.

The stunts in query? Writing Post-it notes, which typically required a number of takes: “I got so many sent back being like, ‘It’s great, but that’s not how you spell that word,’” Brown Findlay laughed.

Primarily based on the bestselling ebook by Beth O’Leary that was translated into greater than 25 languages, “The Flatshare” revolves round two strangers who dwell in the identical house — one at night time and the opposite within the day. They impart by means of the sticky notes. It begins airing on Paramount Plus on Dec. 1.

“We did all our own handwriting,” Brown Findlay defined.

Welsh added that they needed to write out about 5 of every observe observe.

“Jessie knows this now, but I was in like secret competition with her because every day the props department would be like, ‘You’ve got like a batch to do today.’ And I’m like, ‘How many we got?’” he described. “‘We got 40.’ ‘OK, 40 — damn. How many has Jessie done?’ ‘She’s done all of them.’”

The tv sequence follows the connection that develops between Leon and Tiffany, performed by Welsh (“Fleabag,” “The Great”) and Brown Findlay (“Downton Abbey,” “Brave New World”).

A lot of the present is ready within the London house that the characters share, which had panels that may very well be eliminated to allow filming within the small house.

As quickly as Tiffany strikes in, she takes over the house, Welsh mentioned.

“It felt like Tiff’s flat from day one. And I was like, ‘OK Peter (Cattaneo, director), tell me what’s mine and what’s hers,’ and like, 85% of this stuff is Tiffany’s,” he mentioned. “Leon lives a very, like, simple, minimalist life almost, but she brings a lot of color into the set.”

Brown Findlay mentioned she’s “had loads of flatmates and like, mad flats.”

“I rented a flat once because there was Harry Potter wallpaper in the loo. I just failed to see any other, like, everything else about the flat was terrible and I just ignored all of it,” she mentioned.

She admitted worrying she “was like the weird flatmate who wouldn’t come out of their room a lot” in her previous flatsharing preparations.

“Sometimes you’re just like, ‘I just need some space’ or like taking really long baths and stuff, and then they’re like, ‘You’ve used all the hot water,’” she mentioned. “Yeah, I don’t know if I was always great.”

However for their own flatsharing association, the lead actors — who hadn’t met earlier than — had been delighted to work collectively.

“We kind of both fangirled each other,” Brown Findlay mentioned.

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