The gasoline is too damn high: Schumer says New York drivers desperately need relief from surging fuel prices

Senate Majority Chief Chuck Schumer argued Sunday that New Yorkers’ monetary tanks are working on empty because of the sharp rise in gasoline prices since final yr, and the lawmaker referred to as for federal motion to ease the ache.

Standing within the shadow of the Mobil gasoline station on thirteenth Avenue and eighth Avenue within the West Village, the place a gallon of 87 octane gasoline prices a staggering $4.33 a gallon, Schumer charged that drivers are getting drained by the inflated fuel prices. Hovering in worth from $2.12 final yr for a gallon of standard unleaded fuel to $3.42 and even increased in Manhattan in 2021, Schumer says the gasoline is too darn excessive.

Schumer says gasoline prices are weighting heavy on drivers. Picture by Dean Moses

“Today, our economy is reawakening from COVID, and supply and demand can’t keep up with the global desire to return to normal ASAP. But getting back to normal of course would take time, and it would mean fuel prices would remain in flux. When gas prices go up, families pinch and pinch and pinch. Less money for groceries, less money for everyday expenses, less money for the high cost of prescription drugs, which we’re trying to do something about in our Build Back Better bill,” Schumer stated, pointing on the Mobil gasoline pump.

Schumer informed reporters he is urging President Biden to approve the gross sales of fuel from petroleum reserves till the Construct Again Higher Agenda is carried out by the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (in flip tapping about 600 million barrels).

This is not an unaccustomed request from the senator; in reality he touted that in 2005, he efficiently urged then-President George W. Bush to faucet into the identical reserves when gasoline prices surged following Hurricane Katrina, which broken Gulf Coast oil refinery operations.

This plea comes immediately earlier than the vacation season, a time when he believes it is important for the economic system to spring again. Schumer blames the value hike on the lethal virus and the financial disaster it wrought, but feels the reserves, whereas not a long-term resolution, is key to assuaging it.

“So that’s why I’m urging the administration to tap that reserve. Get the prices down. And then we have to embark on a full-time campaign to get us away from carbon fuels all together, which will reduce all of the ups and downs that we see with gasoline, with oil, with home heating oil, and everything else. Our plan isn’t a cure all. It’s a temporary solution to deal with the problems of price shocks caused by fossil fuel supply, but it can ease prices for holiday travel. It can ease prices across the country and certainly here in New York,” Schumer added. 

Schumer says tapping into reserves is a short-term repair. Picture by Dean Moses

The Construct Again Higher proposal can be dropped at a vote within the Home this week after which the Senate. Schumer claims the laws would come with funding in inexperienced energy sources (wind, water and photo voltaic) that may assist lower the quantity of carbon launched within the ambiance by 50% by 2030,  transfer to electrical autos by clear automobiles in America; and scale back Individuals’ dependence on oil.

“The reserve is not a long-term solution. It should only be used in emergencies, and it’s been used three times in the past. It was used during 1991 during Desert Storm, it was used during 2005 during Katrina and it was used in 2011 under President Obama when there were crude oil disruptions. So, now with these supply chain problems is the time to use it. But now is also the time to get on the path to a green energy future where we don’t have to rely on fossil fuels and the erratic pricing that that entails,” Schumer stated. 

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