The girl would have saved herself in the middle of the night

The seven-year-old girl who succumbed to her injuries reportedly attempted to flee the family home the night before being found at home in critical condition.

The co-owner of the house that was rented to the girl’s father and mother-in-law told La Voix de l’Est that someone rang the doorbell at about 1:40 am on the night of the night. Sunday in Monday. When he opened it, he did not see anyone, but he heard “a little voice,” he said.

He finally saw the child’s mother-in-law, who was staying on the doorstep of his house, who let him know that the girl had run away from her room. “And I heard cracking in the woods. I saw the father who had the baby in his arms and was trying to calm her down, “says the man.

“At the time, I did not realize that it was the girl who came to ring at home,” he says, emotional.

He did not contact the police at that time because his tenants told him in the past that the girl had fled a few times from their old home, he says.

Back home after work on Monday, the man saw the police banners, suggesting that the worst scenario had occurred. “I could not predict that it was a murder that was about to happen …” said the man, upset, who gave a statement to the police.

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