The Goncourt prize was awarded to a novel about first love Teens

Гонкуровскую премию получил роман о первой любви подростков

French writer Nicolas Mathieu was awarded the prestigious Goncourt literary prize for his novel “Children after them” of teenagers, according to the portal .

The announcement of the competition results by tradition, occurred in the restaurant “Droit” in Paris.

The plot of the book, the action unfolds in 1992, and talks about adolescence, first love. This piece became the second work in the 40-year-old writer.

Goncourt prize is one of the most prestigious in France, named after the writers of the brothers Goncourt. Awarded annually since 1903. The prize currently stands at just 10 euros, however, the award significantly increased sales of the author’s.

We will remind, last year’s winner of the Goncourt award was 49-year-old writer Eric Vuar for the novel “the order of the day.”