The Impact will not fall into the trap

L’Impact ne voudra pas tomber dans le piège

Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds Agence France-Presse
The first and only visit to the D. C. United at Montreal this season also coincides with the first passage of the star’s English Wayne Rooney as the player of the MLS.

Not less than 30 points separate the Atlanta United and the D. C. United in the standings of the Association Is, but for the Montreal Impact, the two formations represent the same challenge.

After having suffered a defeat of 2-1 last Saturday against Atlanta, the best team in the East, the Blue-white-black will rub now at D. C. United, the worst club of the association, Saturday, at Saputo stadium.

Attempting to solidify their place in the playoffs, the Impact players (9-13-1) would like to host this tour with a smile. However, in this kind of fight, it is sometimes easy to lose focus, to place themselves on a pedestal and falling into the trap.

“It is often in these matches that the players have a tendency to loosen. It is easy to be surprised, and be disappointed with the results. When you play against the best teams, the motivation comes alone, and the players want to outdo themselves, but against the weaker teams, you have to motivate yourself, ” said Impact defender Rod Fanni.

Installed in the fifth position in the East with 28 points, the Impact is found to be equal with the Revolution of the New England and he only has a one-point lead on the Union of Philadelphia, which advanced to the seventh level.

Montrealers are therefore not in a position to let go of points, especially at home.

“It is very important to get the three points, especially against a team that must still play a lot of games,” explained Fanni. If we don’t want to give them a chance to get back in the race and approach us, we must immediately distance themselves and close the door. “

Even if the Impact has been a beginning of a difficult season, he boasts a record of 6-3-1 in his last 10 outings in MLS.

The great visit English

The first and only visit to the D. C. United at Montreal this season also coincides with the first passage of the star’s English Wayne Rooney as the player of the MLS.

After you have signed an agreement for three seasons and a half with the D. C. United at the end of the month of June, Rooney has taken part in four games, touching the target for the first time in the north american circuit last Saturday against the Rapids of Colorado.

Known for his offensive prowess, the attacker, 32-year-old wants to have the same impact as was the Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic with the Galaxy of Los Angeles. The Blue-white-black wants to find a way to wait for the English one more week before we get there.

“To counter it, it will need to prevent touching the ball,” said Fanni. When he has the ball at the foot, this is where it gets more complicated. He can score in all ways. It is important to monitor it on the ground. “

Fanni is familiar with Rooney, because he has, in particular, faced in the Champions League. The French defender was evolving, then with Olympique de Marseille, and the English wore the colours of Manchester United. He knows how dangerous it can be if it is not well covered.

In the case of Ken Krolicki, a midfielder selected in the third round by the Impact of the last draft of the MLS, treading the same turf that Rooney will become sort of the culmination of a childhood dream.

Despite all that, Krolicki account to hold its tip against the new number 9 of the D. C. United.

“Zlatan and Wayne, these are joueursque I watched when I was younger. It’s crazy to play against them. At the same time, I believe that I am able to compete against them and do well. When I’m on the field, I do think, however, not in the name behind their jerseys, ” said the rookie 22 years of age, with a smile.

Midfielder Ignacio Piatti has taken the direction of Atlanta, where he joined the stars of the MLS for the duel against Juventus in Turin on Wednesday night. The Argentine is expected to return to Montreal on Thursday and he is expected to participate in the game on Saturday.

In addition, the defender Zakaria Diallo has gradually resumed training, he suffered a rupture of an Achilles tendon before the start of the campaign. Defender Chris Duvall has done a few laps of the field at the Center Nutrilait, but he is still struggling with an injury to the calf.