The inhabitant of Melitopol “consulted” for 47 thousand hryvnia

Жителя Мелитополя "проконсультировали" за 47 тысяч гривен

Melitopolis answered an ad that offered a new car at an attractive price and became a victim of swindlers.

Using imperfection of the legislation, swindlers continue to deceive gullible Ukrainians, engaging them in the so-called “autoparity”. Customers are offered to sign a contract and pay the Deposit and promised some time.

Caught on this rod and a resident of our city. In March 2018, he signed a contract with private enterprise “Avtekh” and prepaid for the car VAZ 21114 in the amount of UAH 47250. The car he promised to send the next day from Kiev.

Needless to say that no send has not happened, supposedly because of capital cars of this brand over and need to wait for supplies from Russia. Tired of the empty promises, the man asked for his money back, writing a letter to the head office, located in Pervomaisk.

In may he received a reply which was rayanali that 47 thousand man paid them off not for the car, and for “consultation and outreach services.”

To tolerate the loss of money melitopolis did not, and appealed to the Melitopol city court. which sided with the applicant. The agreement was recognized as contrary to the Ukrainian legislation and ordered the firm to return all funds paid to the plaintiff. Whether filed against the decision of the court of appeal is still unknown.