The Laurentian submits an offer to union members

La Laurentienne dépose une offre aux syndiqués

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The only bank syndicated the country is at the heart of a transformation plan, beginning in 2016.

Two days after it announced the elimination of 350 positions, the Laurentian Bank has filed a final offer to the union representing 1200 unionized in Quebec, whose employment contract is expired since more than a year.

The Union of professional employees and bureau (SEPB), affiliated to the FTQ) has received the proposal Friday, but made no more comments since the content will need to be analyzed before being presented to members on 10 march.

However, the communications adviser of COPE, Dave Parent, has indicated, during a telephone interview, that the union was waiting for an offer since quite a long time. “Finally, it is filed, he said. We had appointments scheduled for the presentation of the offer, but for various reasons, they had been repelled by the employer. “On his side, Laurentian said, by way of a press release that it” will not comment for now “.

This negotiation between the two parties, which began in 2016, has been acrimonious. He had two attempts of de-unionisation on the part of a group of employees who have failed in the process. The SEPB had also filed complaints to the canada industrial relations Board for “unfair practices” in order to denounce the attitude of the Bank.

The only bank syndicated the country is in the midst of a transformation plan that started in 2016. The financial institution wishes among other things to offer that advice in its branch network by the end of the year. Until now, the conversion was carried out in 23 out of 92 locations in its network. A few hundred positions have been eliminated since the beginning of the turn. “The management hopes to conclude an agreement in the coming weeks and suggested that some of the costs (of an annual amount before tax estimated at 10 million) would be eliminated in the case of an agreement,” said the analyst Darko Mihelic, RBC capital Markets, in a report published this week.

In an interview with The canadian Press earlier this week, the director of quebec COPE, Kateri Lefebvre, held that the employer had ” repeatedly threatened “, while he was at the negotiating table, to impose a ” lockout “.

The most recent restructuring of the Laurentian had been announced at the same time as the unveiling of its results for the first quarter, while the Bank has reported results below expectations due to a decline in its net profits and revenues. By eliminating about 10 % of its workforce, the Bank, which has 3559 full-time equivalent staff, estimated that it would annually save between $ 15 million and $ 20 million.


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